The Best Inspiration for Your Personal Website

I’m currently working on a new digital portfolio/personal website for myself right now and I’m finding a lot of inspiration for my own from the examples others have set.

My favorite websites for design inspiration is The Player’s Tribune, Aliza Licht’s professional website, and The Intercept. Here’s a breakdown of what I love about them individually:

The Player’s Tribune:

The Player’s Tribune is a news website run by Derek Jeter (which already makes it amazing) as a voice for the players. Players from all sports and leagues write about their own personal stories and experiences for the website.

The website is broken down into four parts: featured articles, videos, audio storytelling, and photography: all done by athletes, featuring athletes.

The website is appealing because it features black background with thick, white font on the home pages with vibrant photos being the main feature. The website is clean in its font choice and design, making the photography and the words being said the main focus.

The pages consistently draw your eyes to the photographs that tell the beginning of the story, making you want to read more on what draft night was like for WNBA players or the life and death of a hockey program in Minnesota.

Aliza Licht

I’ve talked about Aliza Licht before on my blog. She’s one of my favorite professionals to follow in the PR field and her website is no exception.

Her home page is bright with a pop of red and a white background, paying homage in a slight manner to her famous book cover and it draws your eyes to her page options.

She talks about her professional career, her book, news about her, news about her book, and even an Ask Aliza section, where she helps mentor other PR professionals.

Her pages keep a similar design but change the heading photo to fit the topic she is discussing. It’s colorful without being overbearing and the font is clear so her message can be heard.

Licht’s website is hardly messy while sharing so many articles and information about her professional career with the impeccable layout she has chosen.

The Intercept

You may not have heard of this website before. It’s a news website that was nominated for a Webby award in 2016.

I like this website because I think it’s one of those few vertical designs that keeps you wanting to scroll with their vivid photography, clean design, and captivating stories.

The home page has only two links that lead you to a specific writer or to the top stories but the menu bar separates all the articles posted by author. While I don’t particularly like this layout (sometimes I don’t pay attention to the author’s name), I think it’s an interesting and different way to lay out their articles.

What I like most is the easy to read design that’s also engaging. Their imagery and topic choices help make the website clean and leaving the readers wanting more.


These three websites have given me some ideas to think about for my own website and different ways to consider my own possible layout. Hopefully this helps you reorganize or rethink your digital portfolio or personal website!



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