Project 1 Reflection

My project on researching and writing about the odd roads and interstates of St. Louis proved to be extremely interesting and helped me learn a lot about journalism in general.

One of the aspects of my project I’m most proud of is the quality of the photos I was able to take for this project. Most of the shots were done in a moving vehicle as I couldn’t walk in the middle of the road, so I felt accomplished that none of them turned out blurry.

While one of my hopeful sources for this project fell through, I was also really happy about how great of sources Teresa Militello and Dr. Flannery Burke turned out to be for my project. They gave me more information to use than I knew what to do with, and led me to great sources to use as well.

Besides the challenges of taking photos from a car and losing a source, the most difficult part by far was finding a way to create my interactive map. I successfully found one site and created my whole map entirely to find that I needed to pay $30 to share it from that site.

Luckily, I was able to find another website to use (that was free), but sadly I was unable to embed it into my actual WordPress blog. I overcame that obstacle by (hopefully) creating a strong lead and taking a picture of the front page of the map to lure my readers in.

Something I would’ve done differently is definitely the writing portion of this project. Initially, I just threw all of my information on a draft and editing that afterward was a long and tedious project.

I wish I would’ve outlined my thoughts better and organized my information before just writing everything up.

Overall, this project helped me achieve a lot and learn more about online writing and journalism, and I’m proud of what I’ve been able to produce at the end.


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