The Importance of Data Visualization

Fact: 65% of the world’s population are visual learners.

So it’s not surprising that more and more people are using data visualization to portray their information they want to share.

90% of information that comes to the brain is visual so that’s why you remember information so much better when it’s portrayed through a video or an infographic.

One of my favorite data visualization projects is The Complete History Of The NFL. As a sports fan, I love this project because it uses Elo to compare the complete history of each NFL team (past and present!).

This project is extremely interesting because after coming off another Super Bowl win, a lot of football fans are calling the New England Patriots the greatest football team ever. However, using Elo, this article shows otherwise.

It’s an easy to consume informative article and compares what are seen as the “best” football teams in the NFL, but it also gives you the option to look at your own favorite football teams.

Another great thing about this article, it shares the football teams of the past (i.e., the Baltimore Colts), which a lot of articles comparing teams don’t include.

Data visualization is a great way to crunch numbers and statistics and produce it in an easily consumable way for the every day reader.

You need to make sure that all of your information is correct when you are creating a data visualization project (especially when it’s about politics).

If you have a great idea about a data visualization project, it’s not that hard to get started! Here’s a great article about how to start making your own infographics and a website that showcases data visualization projects when you’re done.

I’m doing a data visualization project of my own on the interesting stories about the confusing roads and interstates in St. Louis, so keep an eye out for that!


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