Analyzing Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics are a super important tool that most companies use to improve their content for their followers- but you should use them too for your followers as well! I recently looked at and downloaded my own Twitter analytics to see what I’m doing for myself.

I organized my tweets for the top 3 retweets, replies, likes, URL clicks, hashtag clicks, and media views.

The top three tweets that kept appearing were two tweets that let my followers look into my life in a humorous way and also my tweet about my blog post about choosing the PR industry (I give credit to that for Aliza Licht responding to my blog post).

I think something that my data tells me is that 1) followers enjoy a mix of humor on Twitter that allows you to be relatable to them and 2) engagement with other big top followers to increase your awareness is big.

Something that I did notice that is particularly bad in my opinion is that I don’t tweet regularly. There are weeks where I tweet 10 times and there are weeks where I maybe tweet once. It’s difficult to measure your Twitter analytics when you are not a regular tweeter, so it’s hard to exactly see your numbers.

I think I’m definitely achieving my goals of my personal brand while being professional but with relatable humor, but I do think in order to get more interaction on my professional posts, I need more professional followers instead of mostly my friends who enjoy my humor.

I think I can improve my Twitter analytics by engaging more with the professional PR community more with my tweets. Other than that, I’m pretty happy for where my Twitter analytics standings are.


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