Newsically Driven: Listen to Your Local Spotify News Playlist

There’s always a lot of news going on in a city like St. Louis and some big news can just pass you by. Newsically Driven is here to help with a specially curated Spotify playlist to bring you the news from this past week in St. Louis.

Pop in your headphones and let the music (and us) tell you the top ten news stories that happened in our city this week.

Happy President’s Day, St. Louis! Today all across Missouri, we celebrate Harry S. Truman, the only president to come from Missouri. We honor him with the Truman Parkway, Truman State, and the beloved Truman the Tiger at Mizzou.

It’s that time of year again baseball fans! Our beloved Cardinals are reporting in sunny Jupiter, Florida for spring training. Today, the pitchers are back and sending smokers in hopes no one hits a ball to centerfield.

Along with spring training, Cardinals fans get to see their newest acquisition in action. Dexter Fowler, an ex-nemesis from the Cubs, is now donning a red jersey and we are looking forward to his defensive skills. We now ask the question, why can’t we be friends?

The St. Louis Symphony is finally coming home to St. Louis after a tour of Spain. They played four concerts in three cities and proudly represented the city of St. Louis. The tour was well-received and they even did some charitable work by performing at a local hospital!

There is a special bond between a person and the place they call home. With the city of St. Louis paying to move Charlesetta Taylor’s home of 45 years, you could price this loving bond at $500,000. For this reason we decided to choose House that Built me to emphasize the love  that is built in a house, especially over 45 years.

With Soulard’s annual Pet Parade last weekend, hundreds of dogs (among other pets) showed up to enjoy the great weather and endless pats on the head and belly scratches. This event helped bring dozens of animal lovers and owners to the Taste of Soulard festival.  For their participation in the parade we chose to play Who Let the Dogs Out.

With the Blues coming back fresh off the bus from their away game in Buffalo against the Sabers, they will be met by someone else finally returning home. Paul Stastney will be returning to play at Scottrade after sustaining a lower body injury in the second period against Toronto. For his return to the Blues line up, we will be using The Boys are Back In Town.

This weekend should bring beautiful weather, which is great for the annual Mardi Gras Parade and celebration in St. Louis. Soulard, where the parade will be held on Saturday morning, will also be having a pre- Mardi Gras taste of Soulard. There are a handful of other events happening in St. Louis both related and unrelated to Mardi Gras. However, to get us in the Mardi Gras spirit, listening to the Mardi Gras Mambo seems like a good place to start.

Let’s be honest, Billiken Basketball is not thriving this season. In their recent game against Fordham the team lost even after catching up. We still love our Bills, but regardless, let us take a moment to recognize the hurt of  our losing season by listening to Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

The St. Louis Soccer Stadium will officially go to vote as of this week. There are 12 cities bidding for the field, but after the loss of the Rams this past year, St. Louis residents are hungry for another team to cheer for. To get in the spirit and to amp up the crowds for the coming vote, the 2012 World Cup song, Wavin’ Flag, that celebrates the beautiful game of soccer, seems appropriate.


Newsically Driven consists of Annie Pompelia (anniepompelia), Zachary Miller (ztmiller94), and Kellianne Conlan (kelli_tan1)


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