Mini-Project Reflection

I chose to do my project using mostly photos to describe my tips with a quick mini-video. My topic was about networking on the golf course because almost half of jobs, especially jobs in the sport industry, are not listed on job boards. You can only find them through networking, so I wanted to focus on networking on the golf course, with a spin on how to pretend you are good at golf.

Some of the struggles I had were working with the photo editing apps and uploading my short video to play in my blogpost instead of a link on the i-Pad.

I struggled with clarifying my photos since the camera on the i-Pad mini isn’t of the highest quality, so I worked a lot on Photoshop Express to make it look the best I could. Sometimes the filters were too overpowering on the photo and sometimes it couldn’t focus in for that clarity I was striving to achieve.

While I didn’t face as many struggles as others did in working with the WordPress app, I struggled with uploading my video into my blogpost. I eventually had to cave in and fully upload it on my computer because it wouldn’t fully upload through my wifi or I didn’t have premium access to upload a video from a different website.

I also struggled at some points with what to photograph while I was on the golf course. How could I capture confidence and competence in a captivating photo? I also struggled with attaching the i-Pad with gadgets to the golf cart to take photos.

At the end of the day, challenges build a better project and I’m happy with the photos I ended up producing and editing for my blogpost. I’m a sports business student myself in hopes of a job in the sport industry so I learned a lot myself along the way.

I think this project goes perfectly with my brand of communication and sports with a twist of humor and I’m excited to share it with my followers.


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