Networking for Sports Business Students

Networking is the most important tool in finding a job nowadays. Especially for working in sports. And what better way to work in the sports industry than by playing a sport? Golfing is a great way to network and build relationships so here are my how-tos to network on the golf course.

And, if you’re like me, some tips to cover up you’ve barely played golf.

What to Wear

While golfing is a casual sport, you still want to dress to impress. Plus, golf courses can have strict dress code rules. The best way to describe this look is “casual preppy”.

Men: polo, khaki/colored shorts, a nice windbreaker (if it’s cold)

Women: golf/tennis skirt or nice shorts, nice tank top or polo, windbreaker


Golf Lingo

Ace- hole in one

Par- score a good player is expected to make on a hole

Albatross/Double eagle- three strokes under par

Eagle- two strokes under par

Birdie- one stroke under par

Bogey- one stroke over par

Double bogey- two strokes over par
Golf Clubs

You’re staring at the 13 clubs in your bag. You don’t want to look dumb in front of a potential boss and grab the wrong club to use. So here’s a cheat sheet to help.

From left to right:

Driver, fairway wood, 4-9 irons, pitching wedge, 52 degree wedge, 56 degree wedge, 60 degree wedge, and putter.

For when to use them on the hole, check out this article.

Golfing Attitude

Although golfing is not a team sport persay, it is a great place to show you are a team player with your attitude. Showcase your confidence, self-assuredness, and competence by how you carry yourself throughout the game.

If you’re a great player, don’t be aware that you are and be cocky. If you’re not the greatest player, don’t apologize every time for a bad shot. It’s all about attitude on the course and the workplace.

Relationships, Relationships

The whole reason you are on the golf course is to form a relationship with the person you are golfing with is to form a relationship with them. Get to know them- talk about the rest of their weekend plans, their families, and their career.

While waiting for the group ahead of you to finish, take a break and look at pictures of their kids or their dogs or their latest vacation.

The biggest mistake you can make while networking is rushing into business talk. Get to know each other and enjoy the game of golf you are playing.

The 19th Hole

This is the unspoken hole of a golf game but by far the most important hole in the game of networking. Sometimes the topic of business doesn’t come up on the golf course and you shouldn’t push it.

That’s where the 19th hole comes in. Invite your golfing partner for drinks and market yourself at a great golf bar like Mulligan’s.

Afterwards, take a shower and add them on LinkedIn! Pat yourself on the back for a “great” game of golf and a useful new relationship for your career!


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