A Spin-Off of David Letterman’s Top 10 List

Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone. I’ve curated some tips that will make you an All-Star blogger with some tips from me and some other top bloggers.

  1. BuzzFeed is such a popular news site because it is full of easy to consume listicles that people to enjoy. Obviously, I’ve taken this hint with my listicle myself. This article here also took their own hint about lists and bullet points when discussing why they’re more appealing than just information thrown at you.
  2.  One of the reasons why Instagram is such a popular app is because people love to see visuals. A good online writer should use eye-catching imagery in their pieces when it fits their writing. Not only does it spice up your writing, but it makes it memorable too.
  3. The reason I am able to write this and you’re able to read this on this platform is because of TECHNOLOGY. And because of that reason, you should utilize other technology in your writing. Link your articles to other websites, videos, use GIFS, and more! The more you create interactive content on your blog, the more engaging your readers will be.
  4. A big important writing tip that most people don’t think about is making sure your writing translates on mobile. A lot of people use their phones or tablets to read content, you need to curate content that looks good on mobile devices too. Always check when you post that it’s readable on various platforms.
  5. One of the reasons beauty and fashion bloggers are so popular is because they’re extremely personable. They put their voices behind their writing and they’re relatable to their readers. It’s great to be relatable and creative with your writing because it sets you apart from other bloggers- you don’t just blend in on the vast web of blogs. And it also just makes reading your writing more fun!

When you’ve created a top-notch blog using some of my tips, send me a link! Let’s be All-Star bloggers together.


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