Evolving Every Second?

We know our media platforms evolve. We aren’t using hieroglyphics anymore, right? But lately, our media and news seem to be evolving rapidly- there seems to be something new every day.

It’s easy to say that we never know what social media platform will come and which will die out. Apps like Facebook were groundbreaking and continue to do so, while apps like Vine are big hits that die out quickly. But there’s so much to more to the future of media than social media apps.

This article shows you how sometimes predictions for the media hit head on and how other predictions miss completely. It’s interesting to look back and see how media evolved in the short year of 2016.

The article inspired me to make some of my own predictions for the year 2017. Here goes,

  1. Journalism will grow more into opinion pieces than factual pieces, with websites like Odyssey online and Buzzfeed gaining more traction and attracting more writers every day.
  2. Magazines will finally find a groove in Snapchat and follow the lead of Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, and People. Maybe this is where they gain their circulation numbers back?
  3. I think Snapchat will also become a groundbreaking platform for breaking news stories by using the Discover feature and allowing people to submit snaps in the areas of the news coverage. I also think Facebook Live will continue to grow with news outlets to broadcast to their audience instead of waiting to their next news cycle broadcast.
  4. In regards to my profession, media releases will come in new forms than just the cut and dry document to inform other media outlets of their news and events.
  5. And finally, in light of recent events, I’m interested to see how much traction the thought of “alternative facts” will take in media cycles now, especially with fake news and sarcastic news sites continuing to grow.

Check back to this article in 2018 and see how I did!


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