Avalanche of Multimedia

While scrolling through the politically charged news cycle of this weekend, it’s no surprise a non-political article stood out to me. Sadly, an avalanche in Italy destroyed a ski hotel and rescuers are still locating survivors.

However, BBC did an excellent job incorporating many different forms of media to bring in their users and increase engagement. They not included photos or videos, but they used interactive photos that let you see the before and after photos of the avalanche for the reader to visualize the aftermath of the avalanche.

BBC made sure to complement their images and videos with the before and after photos, images of a map to show the location, video of rescue workers, and a map of the quake effects. The images don’t repeat each other, instead, just building off of one another.

The images appear in the order of the story, instead of primarily appealing to the layout, as well as the images being visually captivating for the readers in order to stay on the story and possibly click on another link to stay on their site.

BBC, like stated previously, incorporates a variety of media types from photos to videos to interactive photos. They simplify their story by letting their media do some of the storytelling instead of repeating it twice in words as well. The end result is a nicely laid out multi-media article.

Multiplatform journalism is difficult to accomplish in a world where most media outlets don’t care about appearances- only focused on getting the story out first. BBC did an excellent job with making their version of the story visually appealing for the readers to visit their site.


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